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ServoTracker is a device that aligns your solar panels with the Sun, increasing performance and output of your solar panels throughout the day by keeping them within 1 degree of the Sun’s position.

The Hansen tracker/actuator is a motor driven device capable of the precise motion required to keep your solar array in the optimal position for absorbing the sun’s radiation. Utilizing GPS technology for error free positioning and a long life brushless DC motor for motion control this durable package will allow you to get the most out of your solar investment all day, every day.


  • Percent of potential watts produced increases from 60% to over 90%
  • For off grid applications, work day begins and ends with high watts generated. This maximizes battery performance and recovery.
  • Heavy usage times, morning and evening, show higher panel output.
  • Servo Tracker design 5 years in development – State of the art design
  • Actuators have passed simulated ten years of life testing in the mechanism
  • Generate up to 50% more power on average by tracking versus fixed panels
  • Control designed by NASA contractors and has seen nearly 2 years of continuous operation
  • No programming needed – Apply power and the unit will track the sun anywhere in the world within minutes
  • Five Year parts warranty
  • List Price: Actuator $1000, Actuator/Spindle $1400
  • Some quantities in stock for immediate delivery.  Normal 2 week lead time
  • For all inquires please contact Mike Mesch  303-908-6790